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Asian Elephant Web Cams

Asian Elephant web cams allow you to watch elephants without leaving the comfort of your home by watching the elephants at certain zoos, sanctaries, etc.

A lot of the time the elephant cams have both Asian and African elephants, but you can distinguish the African elephants easily by their larger ears!

When you view an elephant cam, you will normally see an elephant image on the screen. The refresh times for the cams vary, but normally the elephant cam picture will update every few seconds. You can usually find the date and time of the last update on the web site. Some cams allow you to take a snapshot that you can share on sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

At night, the elephant web cam may not be visible due to the low light conditions. Most web cams will appear dark at that time or will display a previous picture from the camera.  The hours of operation of the web cam are normally normally listed on the site, if it is not 24 hours.

Elephant web cams are a perfect opportunity for school children to be able to observe elephants as part of a classroom experience, but the cameras are also enjoyable to all elephant lovers.

Here is a list of some of the elephant web cams that are available:

The Elecam- Asian Habitat
This web cam is specific to Asian elephants and is from The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, located in Hohenwald.

Enjoy the elephant web cams!