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The Chinchilla
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Chinchilla Information

Chinchillas are rodents native to the Andes mountains in South America. There are two living species of chinchilla today: Chinchilla brevicaudata and Chinchilla lanigera. Domestic chinchillas are believed to come from the lanigera species.

In the wild, chinchillas live in burrows or crevices in rocks. Chinchillas grow to be the size of a small rabbit. Chinchilla females are larger than males. Chinchilla fur is considered the softest fur in the world. Their fur is so dense that they do not attract fleas or parasites. Chinchillas are all too often raised on fur farms. Unfortunately, it takes about 150-200 chinchillas to make one coat. Chinchillas come in a variety of colors, but the gray color is the most common. Other colors include beige, black or violet. 

Many people today keep chinchillas as pets. Male chinchillas tend to be easier to handle. If you want to keep chinchilla as pets, make sure you pay attention to them and offer them good living conditions.

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