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Moose Car Collisions

Collisions between moose and motor vehicles are common in areas where wild moose exist. Signs warning drivers to watch for these animals are seen frequently where moose are present. Unfortunately, the motorist never knows when a moose will appear suddenly in the road and that can lead to unfortunate consequences for both the motorist and the moose.

Moose have dark bodies which are difficult to see in darkness, and the motorist does not always have time to react appropriately to avoid the animal.  Since moose are tall, the vehicle usually strikes their long legs, throwing the moose body upon the hood of the vehicle with a lot of force.

Minimizing Moose Accidents

Although there are no true solutions, there are ways to minimize the occurrence of moose related accidents.  Biologists frequently track the movement of moose using special collars that can educate about the migration routes and normal habits. This allows special steps to be taken in areas where moose commonly appear. 

Steps can be taken to prevent moose from crossing the highway including the construction of highways away from normal paths of moose, construction of structures to keep moose from crossing over the road, and the installation of special infrared lasers that detect  moose and cause signs to flash in order to warn a motorist.

Here are a few links to stories and information about collisions with moose. Please note that some of these sites are very graphic:

Driver Killed After Colliding With Moose On I-93
This was a collision between a moose and motorist in Sanbornton, New Hampshire in 2008.  This story includes an article as well as a video of a news report of the incident.

Kingston Man Dies after I-90 Moose Collision
News story from Pinehurst, Idaho about a fatal collision in September of 2008.

Woman Dies in Car Collision with Moose South of Calgary
Another news story of a fatal car crash involving a moose.

Watch out for Moose!
A 2007 report that identifies the 26 top hotspots for car moose collisions in Anchorage, Alaska.

Video of a Moose in Car
This video shows a 500 pound moose still inside a car after a moose/ car collision.