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Pigs are ungulates which were first domesticated thousands of years ago. They are closely related to peccaries and hippopotamuses. The domestic pig (Sus scrofa domesticus) originated from Eurasian wild boars. Pigs are also called hogs or swine. They are very adaptable animals, being able to live in a variety of environments. These animals can be found on every continent of the world, except Antarctica. A pig has a snout, small eyes, thick body, short legs, and a small tail. Domestic pigs have curly tail, while wild pigs have straight tails. Pigs have four toes on each hoof.

Although pigs are classified as very intelligtent animals, they are often used as a source of food and leather. Domestic pigs are farmed for their meat called pork and are often housed in cruel and closely confined spaces until their slaughter. Some pigs like the Pot-bellied pigs are raised as house pets.

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